Financial Services

The financial services industry is dynamic with companies often consolidating, expanding and starting new businesses.  LGS & Associates will support or lead negotiations related to financial arrangements, optimal staffing and the like to enable this consolidation.

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Conferences and Workshops

LGS & Associates will organize local as well as international Conferences and/or Workshops of any size including arranging venues, finding appropriate participants, and agendas where necessary. As well as preparing the requisite collateral material.  

Information Technology

The building of websites for any kind of business.  This activity will be completely outsourced to one of our associates.


LGS & Associates will work with the client to develop any kind of manual to improve the performance of the organization. These manuals include Human Resources manuals including performance appraisals procedures, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for financial services related offices as well as other offices including Government Departments.

Business Consulting

LGS & Associates will advise on business development proposals, prepare business plans and represent clients right through to approval process.

General Marketing

Property and real estate marketing for tourism development.

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