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Mergers & Acquisitions

The financial services industry is dynamic with companies often consolidating, expanding and starting new businesses.  LGS and Associates will support or lead negotiations related to financial arrangements, optimal staffing and the like to enable this consolidation.

New EU Requirements

BVI Companies must ensure that they are compliant with the EU Substance Act 2018.  LGS and Associates will provide advice on how to do so by giving guidance on:
• Core income generating activities that qualify for substance
• Key features of substance
• Implementing these features


LGS & Associates will provide advice on Marketing to small firms without a specific marketing budget and will represent them at major promotional events for a cost effective fee. Expected outcomes will be agreed ahead of the events.


The Founder of LGS & Associates is an experienced Director of several Companies. As the EU Substance Act will require an increase in resident Directorships, LGS & Associates will identify suitably qualified and experienced Directors as required, including conducting interviews where needed. Lorna Smith is available for further directorship.


LGS & Associates will represent industry members at their request to BVI Finance, BVI Government, BVI Financial Services Commission and other agencies on issues.

Negotiations with International Organizations/Governments

The Founder’s breadth of experience with all major international organizations makes her ideally suited to negotiate treaties or arrangements with all international organizations and Governments especially as these relate to financial services.

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