Our Mission

Our mission is to provide bespoke consultancy services to a range of businesses including those operating in the financial services space in the BVI as well as internationally.

The services include strategic counsel related to growth and development through careful research and knowledge of international best practice.


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Who We Are

A diverse group of professionals with knowledge and experience in public administration, management, all aspects of financial services including:

Corporate administration, funds management and fiduciary services, retail, fashion, and all aspects of IT.

The Company is owned and managed by a small team of highly qualified and experienced professionals led by Lorna Ginevra Smith, OBE with access to decision makers in the BVI and abroad.  Mrs Smith worked for Government for 35 years at the highest levels and has been hired as a consultant with the World Bank as well as the Commonwealth Secretariat. LGS&A was incorporated in February 2008 as a BVI Company under the BVIBCA 2004.

Besides the core group of Associates, LGS &Associates will retain additional qualified and experienced associates as required for particular projects, for instance to carry out short term training compliance for personnel working in the financial services industry. This applies to any field.

Lorna Smith

The Founder

Lorna has several decades of experience at the highest levels of the public service in the British Virgin Islands and has spent the last decade supporting Caribbean Governments, corporations and individuals in various commercial ventures. She spent the last two and a half years establishing BVI Finance, a public private partnership devoted to business development and promotion of the financial services industry.

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